Uniform Polyhedra

People have always been fascinated by symmetry and symmetric objects. Uniform polyhedra are a series of well-defined, highly symmetric solids. Some of them were discovered in ancient times, but the last addition to the collection dates from 1975.

Uniform Polyhedra are polyhedra with the following properties:

A few special cases:

Excluding the prisms, there are 76 uniform polyhedra. Three of them have tetrahedral symmetry (Td), eighteen have octahedral symmetry (17 Oh, 1 O), the remaining fifty-five have icosahedral symmetry (47 Ih, 8 I). I have made paper models of all of them.

Low-resolution photos of the individual solids can be found by following the links below (loading may be slow, though!).

Descriptions of how to make these models can be found in the book by Wenninger (see below). Unfortunately, the drawings in that book are not completely accurate and will not work for the most complex polyhedra.

There are a number of generalizations of the concept of uniform polyhedra, the most important ones being space-filling tesselations and extension to different numbers of dimensions.

A web-site about uniform polyhedra: http://www.georgehart.com/virtual-polyhedra/uniform-info.html.

Some literature relevant to uniform polyhedra:

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