Peter H.M. Budzelaar

Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry (CHIM/03), Federico II University of Naples

Adjunct Professor, University of Manitoba

I knew I wanted to study chemistry at age 12, had decided on organometallic chemistry three years later, and have never regretted the choice. It allowed me to spend 10 years in the chemical industry, then ten more years at the University of Nijmegen (Netherlands). I moved to Winnipeg (Canada) in 2005 to start my own group, focused on exactly how metals manage to let all kinds of weird reactions happen around them. Then in 2016 I was offered a position I could not refuse, at the University of Naples (Italy, not Florida!).

I enjoy applying a variety of techniques, from synthesis of highly air-sensitive compounds to spectroscopy and computational methods. In the end, increased insight in reaction mechanisms is going to lead to cleaner, more efficient manufacture of chemicals. Along the way there, research should be a lot of fun. I also like wine, Italian coffee, insects, insect-eating plants (see, and making polyhedron models.


Short CV

1978 Bachelor's Chemistry University of Utrecht/Netherlands
1979 Master's Chemistry University of Utrecht/Netherlands
1983 Doctorate Chemistry University of Utrecht/Netherlands
Prof. G.J.M. van der Kerk
1983-1984 Postdoc (ZWO stipend) University of Erlangen/Germany
Prof P.v.R. Schleyer
1984-1985 Assistant Prof Technical University of Eindhoven/Netherlands
Prof. R. Prins
1985-1996 (Senior) Research Scientist Shell Research Amsterdam/Netherlands
Prof. P.W.N.M. van Leeuwen
1996-2005 Assistant/Associate Prof University of Nijmegen/Netherlands
Prof. A.W. Gal
2005 Assistant Prof University of Manitoba/Canada
2007 Associate Prof University of Manitoba/Canada
2009-2015 Head, Chemistry University of Manitoba/Canada
2011 Professor University of Manitoba/Canada
2016- Adjunct Professor University of Manitoba/Canada
2016- Professor Federico II University of Naples/Italy